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NEW!!! Trade Union Training for Women Agricultural Workers: Graduates Speak
Waffa Tiara

NEW!!! Egyptian Workers Impose a New Agenda
by Asma Agbarieh-Zahalka

Arab women want to work - the Government accepts the demands of the rich farmers' lobby to import or bonded workers from Thailand
by Michal Schwartz

WAC Panel on Arab Women Workers Up from Poverty
Michal Schwartz

Roots of the Neoliberal Takeover in Israel
by Orly Benjamin

Six Floors to Hell of Video 48 awarded the RAI-3 at CMCA
WAC Position Paper: Israeli Agricultural Workers
Submitted in preparation for the discussion group meeting with the Bank of Israel and other government ministries

Joint letter from Kav Laoved and the Workers Advice Center - WAC (Ma'an) concerning migrant farm workers in Israel. The letter was sent in June to several Trade Unions and NGOs in Britain and Holland
Nazareth Women Conference: Employment is a precondition to fight poverty
Press release, June 14 2008:
Workers Advice Center AGM, Nazareth

The Tiara Family, Kufr Qara
An Arab woman running for mayor of Tel Aviv
Asma Aghbarieh-Zahalka, a socialist that announced recently her campaign for the mayor of Tel Aviv, challenges the current Labour Party mayor Houldae'i

May Day demonstration of the Workers Advice Center (WAC – Ma'an)
Worker Solidarity without Borders

International Women’s Day in Tel Aviv
Arab and Jewish Women March for Jobs in Tel Aviv

Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) condemns the destruction of the (workers) Folk House in Gaza by Israeli F16 Jets
WAC y el Mercado Israel? de Trabajo
Conferencia a cargo de Roni Ben Efrat

International Women’s Day
Working Women’s March – Tel Aviv Demonstration and Street Stage

Poor workers will also become poor pensioners
By Assaf Adiv

A COLD WIND IN THE LABOR MARKET Agricultural workers unable to work due to the wintry weather are ineligible for compensation
WAC Strengthens its International Ties
A visit to Spain and Denemark

The Teachers' Strike: From the Grass Roots Up
Israel's construction industry today
Construction sites – perfect crime scenes
by Asma Agbarieh-Zahalka

Arab Teachers and high school students in WAC's activities to support the teachers' strike
The longest Teachers' strike in Israel's history - a new brand of workers' struggle
Newsletter - October
A new agreement between the Government of Thailand and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reduces the commissions that Thai workers will have to pay on coming to Israel.
Wisconsin II: Cosmetic Changes but still No Jobs
Asma Agbarieh

The Pension Scam
Assaf Adiv

Growth Leaves the Working Poor Behind- WAC’s statement on poverty figures
The Gaza Economic Crunch
Michal Schwartz
Arabs are poorer
By Sever Plozker
Of 550,000 children who occasionally go hungry in Israel, 400,000 are Arab

Organisatie, organisatie … paper in Dutch
Wie die Mauer in Israel die palastinsis Arbeiter aussperrt - Arbeit ststt Almosen!
Palestinian Quarry Workers Organize
Assaf Adiv
from Challenge Magazine, July – August 2007

Wac-Ma'an and Organized Labor in Israel - Position Paper
Palestinian Workers in Abu Dis near Jerusalem The Wall and the Sweatshops
Delegation 2007
*Delegation Scheduale
*Report and Pictures
* Conclusions and Recommendations
* espa?ol Conclusiones y recomendaciones
* Italiano Conclusioni e Raccomandazioni
*Background Paper
NEW!!! 1 May 2007
WAC: Workers' Rights First!

NEW!!! Picture Gallery - 1 May 2007
NEW!!! All because of the middlemen
By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz magazine
Intreview with Junya Lek Yimprasert, a member of tthe WAC's delegation

NEW!!! WAC-Ma'an organizes march in Tel Aviv : Workers to the Top of the Agenda
Arab & Jewish Workers to march together on May Day

Court petition against Israel's refusal to sign triangular agreements with IOM and migrant workers' countries of origin
by: Kav LaOved

A call for Action!!! Last Monday, Santiago Rafael was found in the Farm Labor Organizing Committee's Mexico office tied up and beaten to death.
B'Tselem Report- Crossing the Line: Violation of the Rights of Palestinians in Israel without a Permit
Back to the wall: a study of Palestinian working conditions in Israeli settlements - by Simone Korkus
WAC delegation meets leading Trade Unioninsts in its March 2007 visit to Britain
Newsletter January - February 2007
Kfar Qara group to protest lack of work caused by import of foreign labor
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Arab Women March in Tel Aviv Demanding Work
Woman's day photo gallery
The Labor Market in Israel- Flexible, All Too Flexible
By Yonatan Preminger - Challenge Magazine

The Wisconsin Bluff
By Asma Agbarieh - Challenge Magazine

Press release, December 12, 2006
Israeli Educational TV is forcing new employment arrangements for Freelance Workers that are exploitative and unacceptable.
Newsletter December 2006
A Position Paper drafted by WAC, concerning the Mehalev (Welfare to Work / Wisconsin) Program. December 2006
Unemployed and Bombed: The Wounded from Beit Hanun
Netanyahu Redux: Israel's Budget for 2007
Newsletter May 2006
Joint communique WAC and the Hotline for Migrant Workers to the Minister of Agriculture
WAC and Sindyanna of Galilee sponsor a course in beekeeping. May 2006 (Haaretz)
May Day 2006 (with pictures)
Arab women demonstrate, demanding jobs in agriculture
newsletter: July 2005 - May 2006
WAC in Agriculture: Wafa Tayara Goes to Work (pdf). November 2005
Punishing the Poor: The Wisconsin Plan in Israel. September 2005
Summer Camp: Workers' View of History (pdf). FromChallenge, September 2005
Poverty: Meeting Ground for Arab and Jewish Women From Challenge, June  2005
Migrant Workers: License to Exploit. June  2005
Reports on May 1, 2005
In Haifa
In Tel Aviv
"Illegal" Palestinian Workers in Israel. July 2005
Regaining Jobs in Agriculture. May 2005
Meeting with PGFTU-Gaza. April 2005
L’attacco a Wac.  Febbraio 2005
Illegal West Bank Workers in Um al-FahmDecember 2004
The Unmaking of the Histadrut. November 2004
A European Labor Delegation in Israel/Palestine: Journal of the Visit. May 2004
Press Release of the Labor Delegation.  May 2004
Report of the Delegation: Labor in the Construction Industry. May 2004
(Short version)
(Full Version)
With Gazan Workers: Checkpoint DeathMarch 2004
Report of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions. March 2004
Trading Tanks for Workers. January 2004
WAC at the Separation Wall in Jerusalem. January 2004
The Struggle for Construction Jobs in Government-funded Projects. January 2004
Netanyahu's Economic Plan and the Weakening of the Histadrut. November 2003
3 NGO's Discuss the Israeli Labor Market. September 2003
Labor-rights Muralist Paints a Wall in Kufr Qara. September 2003
Local and Migrant Workers Make Common Cause. July 2003
A Job to Win Premiers at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. July 2003
Overcoming Fear at the Unemployment Bureau.  June 2003
Workers Take Center Stage. May 2003
Update. March 2003
Petition to High Court. Sept. 2002
Update on A Job to Win.  Sept. 2002
Update on A Job to Win. July 2002
A Job to Win (Chapter 2). May 2002
WAC Confronts the Building Contractors: A Job to Win.  March 2002
Back to the Building Sites! .  March 2002
Pictures from WAC's May First Celebration, 2003
The Local Arab Worker in the Era of Globalization. July 2001

WAC, the Workers Advice Center (or Ma'an in Arabic), is an initiative for building an independent labor association.
It aspires to create a culture of worker solidarity and a consciousness for union organization. Hundreds of thousands of workers in Israel, both women and men, lack the benefits for which unions struggled through most of the 20th century.

Employees of personnel ("manpower") companies, freelancers, and those employed under individual contracts all find in WAC an address that offers support, advice, and protection. WAC is an open, democratic association that unionizes all workers without regard to their religion, nationality, sex, or outlook. It was founded in the late 1990s to fill the vacuum left by the General Federation of trade unions (Histadrut), which went into deep crisis during this period, losing over two thirds of its members. WAC aims to provide an address for unorganized workers, with a strong emphasis on Arabs who are segregated in the Israeli job market. Hundreds of workers have already joined WAC and found the protection of a labor union, assuring them proper jobs with full social benefits.

The global era and the epidemic of privatization
Since Israel entered the global era in the mid-1990s, its domestic economy has undergone an epidemic of privatization. Organized labor has been on the wane, first in the service sectors, such as security and cleaning, followed by the building and industrial sectors. As part of its privatization program and budget cuts, the state encourages employment through subcontractors who circumvent labor laws. The epidemic has now spread to government offices, schools, the entertainment industry, and the academy: faculty, administrative employees, lecturers, producers, and directors are employed as temporary workers on humiliating terms. The Histadrut and its committees have not done enough to stop the importation of labor under conditions that amount to slavery. The entry of unorganized, imported workers into the construction, agriculture and nursing sectors has mortally wounded the achievements of the labor struggle in Israel.

WAC is committed to the struggle of Palestinian workers from the West Bank East Jerusalem and Gaza, for jobs and social rights. It cooperates with Palestinian Trade Unions in fighting the Separation Wall and Israel's policy of closure. Concern for Palestinian workers is, we maintain, a fundamental moral duty of labor unions in Israel. WAC demands equal rights for all workers, whether migrants, Palestinians or Israelis.

International solidarity
WAC works closely with trade unions throughout the world. It has learned from the experiences gained by various forms of organizing. In 2004 it organized a visit of representatives from European unions, who examined the condition of workers in Israel's building sector.

Creating a new kind of labor movement
WAC believes that the founding of a new democratic, non-racist labor movement is an urgent need in Israel. It considers the establishment of a workers' party, the Organization for Democratic Action (ODA or Da'am in Arabic), to be a positive step toward sparking that change. In the elections for the 17th Knesset (March 2006), some WAC leaders and worker activists, men and women, ran as ODA candidates.